How often should I post new content to my blog?

General 24.2.2012 No Comments

The best answer we have been able to give all of our clients who are concerned more about quality than search engine indexing is:  you shouldn’t worry about the frequency as much as about the consistency as long as you are posting timely and relevant information.  What we mean by that is, your site will…

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Adding WordPress Pages to the RSS Feed

An interesting question came in the other day : How do I get my pages to show up in the RSS feed? We’ve set up BlogHawk to watch over an entire site, and to do so, we’ve had to include pages as well as posts in the RSS feed so it will be seen by…

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Competitive Blogging – Follow the Leader

General 16.2.2012 No Comments

Your competitor may be paving a path easily followed.  It’s no secret that they are posting content in all corners of the web these days, either by guest posting on blogs or writing articles for online magazines.  The question is, are you taking advantage of their legwork? If you are not familiar with Google Alerts,…

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Managing WordPress RSS Feed Size

One questions that seem to come up quite often with RSS feeds and WordPress is: How do I change the number of items listed in the RSS feed? In some instances, you may want to pull more than just a few post entries from a WordPress feed. Most often this occurs when setting up a…

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Introducing….. Us!

General 2.2.2012 No Comments

BlogHawk has been an idea kicking around for about a year now. It has gone through at least four complete revisions, with the current being the most simple and straight forward method for tracking the frequency of new articles found within an RSS or ATOM feed. Back in 2011, we were asked a simple question…

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