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A Quick Word

The BlogHawk service crawls all registered RSS feeds daily to determine just how often new content appears. There is no question that the longer your blog goes untended, the less attractive you may appear to your visitors.

Wether providing a simple Corporate Proof-of-Life for your visitors, or appealing to their desire to comment on your posts, if your site goes stale, so will your results.

Want to get graded?

If you want to be graded on your efforts, it's as simple as signing up. Give us your name, the url of the feed and a valid email address for system updates and in return you'll see just how well you compare. Sign-up or read more About BlogHawk.


Posts - The number of posts that BlogHawk has found in the site's RSS feed since the time we added it to the system.

Avg - The number of days between posts. You will sometimes see us refer to this as the MTBP or Mean Time Between Posts.

Error - Just how consistent are you? The higher the error the less consistent you are.

Stale - How many days since we've seen you post content via your RSS feed. You never want your content to be more stale than your Average Time Between Posts.

Score - Everyone likes a score at the end of the day so here's yours!